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I loved unwinding down to this calm game :) I found myself playing this way longer than I thought! I kinda liked using the buildings to find new blueprints and exploring the little island. Would totally reccomend!

Take it from me,
This game is cute AND urban

OMG im baaaaaaaaaaaad

ima baaaaaaaaaad Portal viewer lmao. Nice game, lots of options, the music got a bit irritating after awhile tho.

Sorry I just didn't like it.

Sorry, it just wasnt that great. I mena there was ALOT of options but... there was no sound, the graphics were cheesy and bad. But besides those things it was great.

Remember, Reviews r opinoins, not facts.


This game is REALLY good. Cant wait to see more from u. But as for the people who give this bad ratings. I got 2 peopel I wanna Coment about

"Reviewed by: nonoiaminsane Overall Score: 0

ive been waiting 4 ever for those new fuckin cars like 4 a fuckin long time u never do it this GAMe is SHIT!!! dont play it people its a fuckin wasted of time there is no fun in this shit at all it dersves to die Fuck u steven M make new cars u bastard i am not waiting anylonger asshole Newgrounds needs to take this shit of the net ahh FUCK U STeven M go fuck your mama "

Why the Hell should sum1 die cuz u dont like their flash u whiny ten yr old. U can't een type! let aloen think. Its better than anything u made, oh yeah, u HAVENT made anything. And U only WISH he was a asshole so u could do him like Micheal Jackson. and instead of takin this off the net why dotn we take u off the net? not like ur doin anything good for it.

and the other.

"DECALS June 18, 2005

Reviewed by: urban_cutie Overall Score: 5

you kow the thing on the side of the car what makes it look better ISNT CALLED DETAILS, THEYRE CALLED DECALS, so change it because so many people do that and it gets on my nerves. so change it or ill blam it "

So he gets a name wrong? why blam it? shoot, I bet ur not Urban or Cute.

Keep up the good work Steve cant wait to see more from ya

Nice.... Rednax is teh Bastard

This is a really good game. Big Change from the pervert dress ups (though I like them). But there's no reason for people to give bad reviews cuz they want porn, lets take Rednax for example.

"Reviewed by: Rednax2 Overall Score: 0

Youfuckin suck you bastard damn you "

Keep in mind, this Flash WAS made by a girl. and she's not sum porn slut freak like u want her to be.

Keep up the good work. I want to see sum more of ur Flash.

I like it

Not bad. I like it. U know most of these people r just whiny cuz they a bunch of 10 yr olds that dont see boobies. frankly I think this is a pretty cool game. I agree with Katzei. and those children with cravings for boobehs, notice pretty much all of them have no Flash. They suck. and I cant say im great since I dont got flash either. But till then Ima keep sayin nice things about good games to cure Boredom. Only reason I gave it a 8 is cuz I didnt really like any of the front parts, and not enough music.


Here my Super Milk-Chan Char. She has all guns and the wooden sword with 100 rank.


Great game, but I couldnt get the Balloon trip mode, it started and nuthing happened.

Hiiii! Just an alien that makes art and plays too much animal crossing. All of my NSFW content can exclusively be found here... along with my SFW content found everywhere : ]]




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